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Summerill & Bishop
This renowned kitchen shop stocks specialist kitchenware from around the world - including knives, glassware, utensils, bowls, serving dishes, plateware and table decor.

Summerill & Bishop - Specialist kitchen shop stocking an enormous selection of glassware, cookware, knives and utensils

S U M M E R I L L  &  B I S H O P

T h e  K i t c h e n  S h o p

Opened by June Summerill and Bernadette Bishop, over a decade ago, this specialist kitchen shop, in the heart of West London's Clarendon Cross, presents a seemingly endless array of wonderful cookware, utensils and kitchenware sourced from countries across the world.

This stimulating interior attracts professional chefs and cooks as well as those browsing either for special presents for friends or for stunning additions to their own kitchen interiors.

Summerill & Bishop, specialist kitchen shop, Holland Park, West London UK
storage, jars and baskets

Summerill & Bishop

Summerill and Bishop

100 Portland Road
London W11 4LN

With a keen insight into the unique and highly developed expertise of a particular country or region, Summerill & Bishop travel the world to select ranges and makes of highly specialised kitchenware.

From France - old provencal table linen, enamelware, glass & wireware, Laguiole, Nontron and Opinel knives and country furniture
From England - hand-made salad bowls, cheese & fruit platters, stone pestle and mortars
From Italy - Professional pans, ceramics, brushes and ironing boards
From America - mixers and blenders, and maple chopping boards
also - Baskets and decorative items from all over the world

Opening Times:
Monday - Saturday  10.00am - 6.00pm

Summerill & Bishop, specialist kitchenware shop, London UK
Glassware, bowls & utensils for the Kitchen
Specialist kitchen shop, Summerill & Bishop, London UK
Tableware, plates and jugs

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